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Lips that shame the red red rose.

So for the last few years Disney has been trying this new thing where they make live action fairytales. All of which, so far, are based vaguely on animated films they made in the 50's. Those films of course were based on old folklore and fairytales from long before the 50's. So in a sense these films are adaptations of an adaptation. And much like...


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Hey bro, this is Mark, the guy who taught that Flash summer camp in Naples looooong ago Emotion: smile.gif

You've got some really good n' twisted talent, brotha. Keep it up!
Uhh for a while there I didn't have a working computer, and before that mine was slowly dying. Right now I'm borrowing one from a friend, still having some money issues after knocking my teeth out, went to Costa Rica to get some surgeries. Getting back into the groove of things now though. I guess that's moreso really just one year, I don't have an answer for the other two.

Just want to let you know we replied to your rant Emotion: smile.gif


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Great illustrations you have here, welcome to artician!
I love your work ^^
Thank you for your compliment, I appreciate it.